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Feminism: From Grassroots to Full Bloom

by Ali Mailen Perrotto

Ali is the Online Resource Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger Bio: Feminism excites me! Let's take a look at the way it informs, impacts and shapes the movement against sexual violence.

Blog Description: A blog about the growth of feminist thought and praxis in the movement to end sexual violence.


I recently blogged about the sweet and simple 3 guiding principles in the Bringing Hope CSA course. Today, I want to tell you about the uniquely tailored experience that victim service professionals can get from the second new course From Approach to Practice.


I am so excited for the newest online courses to come out of the Just Rural! Project. Geared toward victim service professionals, they provide excellent foundational information on a trauma-informed response to child sexual abuse. The first course, called Bringing Hope, takes less than 15 minutes to complete.


This blog post was originally developed for my dear friend at the Resource Sharing Project, who was collecting editorials to submit to Iowa newspapers. When I asked if I could also share it here, she said "Send it to every paper and blog across the land!" With that in mind, if you do decide to share it, please connect back to the source and give credit to Ali Mailen Perrotto and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

To the editor,


SAAM Share GraphicMaybe this is painfully obvious, but feminism is for children. We feminists engage in social activism and critical dialogues about gender because we want a future free of gender bias and violence. I probably won’t be around to see it, but I have to believe it will happen. I have to believe it for my child and for all children.


When LP sent me the link to the Time Opinion piece opining the grave travesty that is “Rape Culture Theory,” I got so pissed that I had to get away from it halfway through. Are you kidding me? I started the process of planning how all of the NSVRC bloggers could take it bit by bit and pick it to pieces. It was a two week process.


ELO Conference TablePurely by chance I learned about an opportunity to exhibit at a conference for educators and educational support professionals.


GSA Summit exhibit tableA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to exhibit at a statewide Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Summit at Dickinson College.


So you’re sitting around the table having a nice Friday night with your parents and adult siblings. Passing around the takeout containers, finding enough clean forks, and then, suddenly, the rape culture conversation starts.

A sister is discussing the community safety alerts that have been coming out recently at her college. Another asks what they’re for. Sister #1 says they’re pretty serious, robberies and rapes.

Sister #2: “Real rape or cry rape?”

*Ears perk up…what now?

Sister #1: No, it’s real rape. But we had someone cry rape one time last year.


little-girl-dressed-up-as-princessIt’s not what you think. Everybody knows that the beloved Disney princess genre has its problems.


hand-squishing-play-dohI wish this was just a post about blogger’s block. Truth is, it’s a lot bigger than that. For a few months now, I’ve been struggling with this nagging feeling that I’m just not cool anymore. I don’t do cool things or get involved in things the way that I used to.



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