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The SAAM Blog: Creating campaigns for change

By Laura Palumbo

Laura is Prevention Campaign Specialist at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger bio: Laura stirs the brewing pot of SAAM ideas contributed by great minds across the anti-sexual violence movement. This blogger is ready to explore all things campaign building to promote prevention and awareness. Teal ribbons to follow.

Blog description: Your source for promoting prevention, building awareness and creating campaigns for change.

Sexual violence is a widespread social issue that takes many forms. Because of the breadth of the issue, it’s easy to overlook how other crimes intersect with it. In the past, we’ve highlighted the intersection of sexual assault with domestic violence, but in recognition of National Stalking Awareness Month, we're going to take a look at some of the connections between sexual violence and stalking. 


This year’s campaign is focused on prevention – the slogan boldly declaring prevention is possible! The campaign will include resources to help everyone see their role in preventing sexual violence. The materials listed below will help to ground the concept of prevention by educating individuals, communities, and businesses on practical steps they can take to end sexual violence before it occurs. 


This is a guest blog post by Sally J. Laskey, NSVRC Outreach Director and prevention enthusiast

The Society of Professional Journalists outlines the following four principles for ethical journalism:

This is a Guest Blog Post by Sally J. Laskey, NSVRC Outreach Director and prevention enthusiast.

Today at the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference in LA, our partners at Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) provided a workshop entitled “How do We Get Better at Talking about Prevention?


This month the Your Voice, Our Future series launches on the SAAM Blog with a guest post from youth activist Erin McKelle.

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