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Event Template: SAAM Self-Care Session

SAAM Self-Care Session

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Organize a SAAM Self-Care Session

Show support for your community members during Sexual Assault Awareness Month by making space for self-care.

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Creating your event is easy! Simply decide on your event details and complete this registration page. Once your event is approved, it will appear in the searchable national SAAM event list where folks from your area can find it. Event hosts will also receive an event URL they can use to promote the event and communicate with attendees.

Event Instructions for Hosts

Below are directions for hosting this event. After you create an event, more detailed instructions and guidance will be emailed to you.

Overview: Join us for a meditation session, a time to unwind, followed by a brief discussion on ways you can practice self-care. 

Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes 

Step 1: The moderator will play this Simple Guided Meditation for Beginners video for participants to hear. This can be done easily through a screen share. 

Step 2: Participants will practice meditation. 

Step 3: After completing the meditation session, ask questions to debrief the group on the activity and how they practice self-care. Questions can include (but are not limited to): 

  • How do you feel after that meditation session?
  • In what ways do you practice self-care?  
  • What are you taking away from this activity?

Step 4: Share other ways you can practice self-care. Do the 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise. Demonstrate it and then ask if anyone else would be interested in sharing

  • Describe five things you currently see.
  • Describe four things you feel right now. For example, “my sweater on my arms,” or “the pencil in my hand.”
  • Describe three things you can hear.
  • Describe two things you can smell right now or smells you like in general.
  • Describe one good thing about yourself.

Step 5: Thank attendees and wrap up by sharing further supportive resources for survivors.

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