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Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

About this Organization

Support for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence is made available at the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts through the Domestic and Sexual Violence Project. This culturally specific project is offered in direct response to address the need for equal access to direct services, information and resources, vital in the support of victims and survivors of trauma.

Founder, Reverend Traci Jackson Antoine; along with her team work in collaboration with faith leaders and law enforcement to provide training that enhance the quality and response that victims of color receive from first responders. Additionally, the project works alongside Northeastern University Law Students to provide cultural sensitivity training as it relates specifically to victims of trauma of color.

Trainings have garnered positive response from counsel and client; impacting how victims of color are perceived and thus represented within the legal system. The success and national recognition of the project is directly tied to its committed effort to provide victims and survivors of Boston’s inner city communities of color with a coordinated community response that addresses the individualized needs of victims and survivors through a spectrum of quality services, specialized training, and support throughout its network of partners, supporters and community leaders.

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