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Worthwhile Read: Trajectory Analysis of the Campus Serial Rapist Assumption

Reblogged from Forensic Healthcare Online

{This post originally appeared on Forensic Healthcare Online, which I also author, and was reprinted with my permission. See the original post.}


This article, or at least the subject of this article, is already blowing up my social media feeds, so chances are good you’ve read about it, even if you haven’t read the actual study yet. JAMA Pediatrics has made Trajectory Analysis of the Campus Serial Rape Assumption available free, full-text (at least for the time being), so I would encourage you to check it out for yourself. It’s a pretty fascinating read, and I’m still digesting the research and its methodology, conclusions, and, as with all studies, limitations (for instance, how they chose to define rape). I’m very interested to hear the fields’ thoughts–it challenges some long-held beliefs, so this is a conversation-starter, for sure. 


(Note from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center: To keep the conversation going, please check out this research brief talking about the study and join us for a free webinar on September 15, 2015 with authors of the study hosted by our partners at PreventConnect to further examine how learning more about perpetration can help make our prevention efforts more effective.)


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