Public Service Announcement Campaign - General PSA Information

Public Service Announcements

Some advantages of PSA's:          

  • PSA's are generally inexpensive since stations are required to air them.
  • PSA's tend to be really effective at encouraging the audience to do something.
  • PSA's can raise awareness of your issue.

Some limitations of PSA's:

  • Because PSA's depend on donated time – you may not be able to get your PSA on all the stations you want or during the time slot you would like.  You may be able to negotiate with the station and get a discounted rate or ask stations to donate time for SAAM.
  • There may be a waiting list to get your PSA on air because slots are taken.
  • Stations tend to shy away from the  "controversial"  issue of sexual violence.
  • Stations may not track and report when your PSA's have been played.

Additional information:

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