• Sexual violence is a complex topic, and journalists reporting on it should be aware that the process can be different from reporting on other crim

  • This is the final report from the NSVRC’s three year National Prevention Strengths and Needs Assessment Project, and provides a summary of the work completed during the third year of the assessment as well as a synthesis of major themes across the three year project.  The major activities of the Year 3 assessment were the completion of a national survey comparison of findings to the Year 1 sur

  • This sample letter to the editor was created for use and adaptation for OVW Rural Grantees in order to support the Let's Talk About It Rural Pubic Service Announcement Campaign.

  • Negative health outcomes of sexual assault afflict all sexes, stemming from both childhood and adult sexual traumas.

  • This article provides general information and examples about comprehensive sexual assault services as a tool for program development.  It is not an exhaustive list, but a list of resources to be used to begin a discussion or assessment or organizational efforts to address sexual violence.

  • This statement from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) concerns the criminal sentencing of Jerry Sandusky to 30-60 years behind bars for child sexual abuse. NSVRC supports these young men and their loved ones who endured years of pain, waiting for justice to be served.

  • This information packet describes practices used in cases of human trafficking, how they relate to sexual violence, and how to assist and advoc

  • The purpose of this research briefBrief Cover is to review research on the relationship between sexual violence and trafficking (especially,

  • This technical assistanceGuide Cover guide provides information about the prevalence of sexual violence throughout various forms of human traffic

  • Commonly referred to as modern-day slavery, human trafficking is a global problem.


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