This chapter of ICASA’s manual on facts and statistics includes information on pornography and its effects.
By the Numbers: Pornography

This chapter of ICASA’s manual on facts and statistics presents statistics about prostitution.
By the Numbers: Prostitution

This chapter of ICASA’s manual on facts and statistics includes information on sexual harassment.
By the Numbers: Sexual Harassment

This expanded factsheet provides an overview of child sexual abuse prevention and offers resources and answers the following questions:

  • What is child sexual abuse?
  • How common is child sexual abuse?
  • Who are the victims of child sexual abuse?
  • Who are the perpetrators of child sexual abuse?
  • What are the warning signs that a child may be sexually abused?
  • Risk factors for the perpetration of child sexual abuse?
  • How can I reduce the risk of children being abused?

Browse the rest of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet: overview, technical assistance bulletin, technical assistance guide on programs for adults, technical assistance guide for programs for children, resource list, annotated bibliography, research brief and online special collection.

Vice President Biden and Secretary Duncan presented guidelines on legal obligations in addressing sexual violence in school and on campus.  The resources include:


Dear Colleague Letter: Sexual Violence (19 p.)

Background, Summary, and Fast Facts Fact Sheet (2 p.)

Know Your Rights Fact Sheet on Title IX and Sexual Violence (2 p.)

This tip sheet provides information for programs on designing events that are accessible for all people. It includes recommendations for registration forms, thoughtful questions to ask, and information on accomodations needed to make the event a valuable learning experience for people with disabilities.

Read the Tip Sheet.

Este ejercicio se centra SpanTalkingen aumentar la comodidad y los conocimientos de madres y padres cuando hablan con sus hijos e hijas sobre la sexualidad y las relaciones sexuales. En inglés

Esta hoja de datos presenta una breve descripción del enfoque de la intervención de la/el espectador en la prevención de la violencia sexual, los puntos clave de este tipo de intervención, resultados basados en evidencia respecto de la eficacia del enfoque y recursos clave para encontrar información adicional sobre este modelo. En inglés.

This two-page fact sheet provides information on what emergency contraception is and countries that are currently making it available.
Emergency Contraception in the Americas

This document provides an overview of bystander intervention, including key features and successful bystander education prevention programs. It also provides information on how preventionists and advocates can get involved in bystander intervention work.  

This overview is a part of the Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence Information Pacekt.  View the full packet, or other publications included in this packet.


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