LAS VEGAS -- To reverse an economic crisis and record unemployment in Nevada, Sen. Harry Reid believes it’s time to put the world’s oldest profession out of business.


In a speech to the state Legislature on Tuesday morning, the Senate Majority Leader told lawmakers that prostitution -- legal in all but four counties and Carson City -- is hindering Nevada’s economic and educational growth.


Children in Haiti were being sold to traffickers exploiting the chaos from the past year's earthquake for as little as one euro ($1.37), according to new UN figures reported yesterday.

The data showed that there is a thriving trade in Haitian youngsters in Europe, where they are mostly used for domestic service, agricultural work or prostitution. Some children end up in the care of well-meaning but unaware European families, while others are forced into prostitution, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported.


Human rights violations including sexual violence and unlawful killings are being perpetrated by forces loyal to both Côte d'Ivoire's outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo and internationally recognized incumbent Alassane Ouattara, an Amnesty International investigation has revealed.

The House has approved a Republican proposal to block federal aid for Planned Parenthood.


The 240-185 vote on Friday is a victory for anti-abortion forces led by Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence. He says taxpayer money should not go to groups that provide or promote abortion.


Will an upcoming class-action lawsuit force the military to face its sexual-assault problem once and for all?


By Natalie Wilson


Hilary Clinton has dispatched a team of diplomats to help in the hunt for Egyptian protesters who sexually assaulted CBS news reader Lara Logan.


According to the State Department, Mrs Clinton has turned up the heat on Egyptian authorities searching for the attackers, and is said to be taking a personal interest in the case.


The Secretary of State has made violence against women a top priority since she took office, and the latest incident is said to be of 'paramount' importance to


A press conference was held this morning to announce a lawsuit filed by attorney Susan Burke in the Eastern Virginia federal court against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for failing to prevent, investigate, and prosecute the sexual assault and rape of the 17 plaintiffs. The plaintiffs in the case are veteran and active-duty service members from the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Reserves who were sexually assaulted, raped, or harassed by active duty military members.


(Washington, DC) - President Barack Obama should direct the Justice Department to apply Prison Rape Elimination Act standards to detainees in US immigration facilities, Human Rights Watch and 10 other organizations said today in a letter to the president.


(CNN) -- A CBS correspondent was brutally attacked Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square after the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the network said in a statement released Tuesday.


Lara Logan, 39, was covering celebrations for a "60 Minutes" story, the network said, when a frenzied mob of about 200 people surrounded her, her crew and their security team. Separated from the others in the chaos, Logan was surrounded, beaten and sexually assaulted, the statement said.


A new centre designed to help some of the many people who have been raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo has opened.


The UN-funded City of Joy is intended to help women become activists and community leaders.


DR Congo has been called the "rape capital of the world" because of the high incidence of sexual abuse during its long conflict.


Both rebels and government troops have been accused of mass rapes.



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