By Brian Haas


An hour after a woman escaped from her rapist one night in 2009, her mother took her to Southern Hills Medical Center so nurses and doctors could treat her and collect evidence from her body for police investigating the attack.


But there was a problem: That hospital could not perform rape examinations.


(IRIN) - Ivoirians who have fled across the border to Liberia have reported incidents of rape, sexual abuse and murder to NGOs and human rights groups working in Grand Geddeh and Nimba counties.

Children in villages in Liberia’s Nimba County have told field workers at NGO Equip that they were forced to watch as their mothers were raped and then killed. In several cases, the children themselves were then sexually assaulted.



The federal government's attempt to track sex offenders more effectively is hitting resistance from states concerned over the plan's costs and reliability.


Los Angeles (CNN) -- says it will begin cross-referencing members against the National Sex Offender Registry after a lawsuit filed last week in California, in which a woman claims she was raped by a convicted offender she met on the dating website.


(WOMENSENEWS)--When Marian Hatcher speaks to men who pay for sex, she tells them about the guy who used her as his punching bag for hours on end, long after she became bruised and bloodied.


"All he wanted to do was hit me," said Hatcher.


A college degree and 17 years of working in a corporate job didn't make Hatcher immune to the perils of sex trafficking after an abusive marriage led her to drugs and eventually to prostitution.



In a quiet push to more honestly address sexual crimes within the military, the Air Force will release a survey later this week that finds 1 in 5 women say they have been sexually assaulted since joining the service.


One of the most comprehensive studies undertaken by the US military to assess sexual assaults within its ranks, it could become a model for how the military as a whole begins to address the problem, defense officials say.


Warning: There is language in this story that some people may find objectionable.


Federal authorities are investigating whether Yale University has failed to effectively handle complaints of sexual harassment and assault.


The inquiry comes just Washington spelled out higher education's new legal obligations to respond to sexual violence.


The government cannot be held legally liable for abuses during the Mau Mau rebellion against British colonial rule in Kenya, a court has heard. Ministers want a claim for compensation from four elderly Kenyans struck out by the High Court in London. The claimants say they were assaulted between 1952 and 1961 by British colonial officers in detention camps.


The Foreign Office says Kenya had its own legal colonial government, which was responsible for the camps.



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