NEW YORKDecember 13, 2016—A new report from the Data & Society Research Institute and the Center for Innovative Public Health Research offers the first national statistics on the prevalence of nonconsensual pornography, also known as “revenge porn.” The study finds that 4% of U.S. internet users—roughly 10.4 million Americans—have been threatened with or experienced the posting of explicit images without their consent.

NEW YORK, 5 December 2016 – A powerful new film featuring UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham was released today to illustrate the brutal reality that physical and psychological abuse can mark children forever.

Today and every day, the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence pledges to stand with all survivors of sexual violence; to advocate passionately for the services, programs, and policies they need to heal and thrive; and work with determination for comprehensive prevention in our communities and an end to rape culture. Today and every day, we stand against racism, sexism, xenophobia, poverty, and homophobia and pledge to continue to advocate for a country in which all people are valued and protected. We call on our leaders to model respectful, non-violent behavior and speech.

Yazidi survivors and public advocates Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar are this year's joint laureates of the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, following a decision by Parliament President Martin Schulz and the political group leaders on 27 October. The Sakharov award ceremony will be held in Strasbourg on 14 December.

“Despite structural barriers of race and gender, women and girls of color have made real progress in recent years. The number of black women-owned businesses has skyrocketed.  Black women have ascended the ranks of every industry. Teen pregnancy rates among girls of color are down, while high school and four-year college graduation rates are up.  That’s good news. But there’s no denying that black women and girls still face real and persistent challenges.”

– President Barack Obama, Remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner, September 20, 2015

Food-insecure teens who don’t get enough to eat sometimes resort to extreme measures to cope with hunger—from saving school lunches for the weekend or going hungry so younger siblings can eat to stealing or trading sex for money to buy food. The most risky behaviors are by no means typical of all teens, even in the most distressed communities, but they illustrate the lengths to which some of the most desperate and food-insecure teens are willing to go to survive.

New report highlights the need to fight the sex trafficking of young women and girls from Latin America in cantinas and bars across the United States.

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Calls for stakeholders to convene to ensure all 3,000+ kits can be tested, help victims find peace

HARRISBURG (Sept. 7, 2016) – Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today announced that an eight-month review of the state’s backlogged rape kits has shown inadequate communication to local law enforcement agencies, errors in the Department of Health’s (DOH) report of kits and resource shortages that could lead to delayed justice for rape victims.


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