STOP Sexual Violence (STOP SV) Resources

Core Resources

STOP SV: A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence (CDC)

Sexual Violence Prevention Infographic (CDC)

PreventConnect STOP SV Web Conference Materials


General Prevention Resources

Engaging Communities in Sexual Violence Prevention (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)

Finding the Perfect Shade of Change: Resources for Sexual Violence Preventionists

PreventConnect eLearning Unit:  Changing Norms to Prevent Violence Against Women

PreventConnect eLearning Unit:  Developing Comprehensive Prevention: Linking Primary Prevention Activities, Strategies and Programs

Tools for Change: An Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)


Promote Social Norms that Protect Against Violence

Engaging Bystanders

Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention, Booklet (NSVRC)

Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention Resource (NSVRC)

Evaluation of the Green Dot Bystander Intervention to Reduce Interpersonal Violence Among College Students Across Three Campuses (August 2014)

Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) Lesson Plans: Comprehensive sexual health education curriculum

Mobilizing Men and Boys

Coaching Boys Into Men: A 3-Part Web Conference Series on Program Design, Community Engagement and Adaption (PreventConnect)

Coaching Boys Into Men: An Evidence-Based Dating Violence Prevention Program (Futures Without Violence)

Coaching Boys Into Men: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial of a Dating Violence Prevention Program (Journal of Adolescent Health, 2012) 

Men and Boys: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Collection (National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence)


Teach Skills to Prevent Sexual Violence

Healthy Sexuality

Native Youth Sexual Health Network

NSVRC Healthy Sexuality Resources Collection (NSVRC)

Best Practices for Engaging Youth as Partners in Sexual Violence Prevention (NSVRC)

Fact Sheet: What is Healthy Sexuality and Consent (NSVRC)

Fact Sheets and Scenarios for Discussion (NSVRC)

Healthy Sexuality Guide for Advocates, Counselors and Prevention Educators (NSVRC)

Healthy Sexuality Resource List (NSVRC)

icanrelate mobile app (NSVRC)

Overview of Healthy Adolescent Sexual Development (NSVRC)

Overview of Healthy Sexuality and Sexual Violence Prevention (NSVRC)

Safe Sex(uality): Talking about what you need and want (NSVRC)

Sexuality and Child Development Resources (NSVRC)

Sexual Violence & Individuals who Identify as LGBTQ Information Packet (NSVRC)

Empowerment Based Training

Efficacy of a Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women (New England Journal of Medicine)

A Comprehensive Approach to Sexual Violence Prevention Editorial

IMPACT Self Defense


Provide Opportunities to Empower and Support Girls and Women

Strengthening Economic Supports

The Cost and Consequences of Sexual Violence (National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, 2011)

Economic Impacts of Sexual Violence podcast series (NSVRC)

Poverty and Sexual Violence: Building Prevention and Intervention Responses (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape)

Prosecutor’s Guide to Safety and Economic Security for Victims of Violence Against Women (Wider Opportunities for Women)

The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: A Girls' Story (Human Rights Project for Girls, Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality, Ms. Foundation for Women)

Strengthening Leadership opportunities

A Long Walk Home's Girl/Friends Leadership Institute

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa

Powerful VoicesGirlvolution Annual Youth-Led Social Justice Conference

Student Leaders & Athletic Youth adaptation of Coaching Boys Into Men Webinar (Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs)


Create Protective Environments

Ensuring Youth Safety in Out-of-School Time Settings (Boys & Girls Club of America)

Key Findings From “Exploring alcohol policy approaches to prevent sexual violence perpetration” (NSVRC)

Sexual Violence and the Workplace Online Special Collection (NSVRC)

The Six Pillars of Prevention (National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation)

Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence (Futures Without Violence)


Support Victims/Survivors to Lessen Harms

New England Adolescent Research Institute Courses and Webinars related to youth offending and early intervention

Sexual Assault Response Team Toolkit (Office for Victims of Crime)

Tools for Trauma-Informed Practice (NSVRC)