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The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response strategies. This resource section includes access to NSVRC collections and selected online resources.

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Browse by topics or publication types for select online resources or click here to search our entire Library collection of print and electronic materials.  If you cannot find what you need, please contact us.

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Self-Study Plan: Introduction to Evaluation (Beginner)

Description This self-study plan covers basic information about an array of evaluation topics including planning, data collection and analysis methods, and data communication so ...

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Self-Study Plan: Qualitative Evaluation (Intermediate)

Description This self-study guide, which is a part of the Evaluation Toolkit, focuses on increasing knowledge and skills around qualitative methods (focus groups, interviews, and...

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Self-Study Plan: Integrated, Creative, and Participatory Evaluation Approaches (Intermediate)

Description This self-study guide, which is a part of the Evaluation Toolkit, focuses on integrated, creative, and participatory approaches to evaluation. It includes up to 6 hou...

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Self-Study Plan: Evaluation Beyond Individual and Relationship-Level Changes (Intermediate)

Description This self-study guide, which is part of the Evaluation Toolkit, includes up to 5 hours of online training options, as well as, in-person training opportunities to hel...

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Program Model Development

Description This guide is designed to help program stakeholders develop a sense of where they want to go and what they need to get there through interactive activities that help ...

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Outcomes and Indicators

Description This guide, which is a part of the Evaluation Toolkit, defines outcomes and indicators and leads the reader through a visioning process to develop SMART (Specific, Me...

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Mapping Your Evaluation System

Description This worksheet provides a visual mapping tool to identify community members, partners and other entities that might impact or be impacted by an evaluation process, an...

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Mapping Data Sources to Evaluation Questions

Description This worksheet uses visual tools to connect evaluation questions, indicators and sources of data, and is part of the Evaluation Toolkit. It is helpful to use in conju...

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Identifying Data Options

Description This worksheet helps to identify potential sources of data for evaluation efforts, and is part of the Evaluation Toolkit. It is meant to be used in conjunction with t...

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Data Collection Hacks

Description This tool provides clever approaches to some common challenges with using surveys or focus groups for data collection, and is part of the Evaluation Toolkit. ...

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