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Fact Sheets

Strengthening Services

This handout is a companion piece to a recorded conversation between two state/national program directors as they talk about trauma-informed supervision—and what that looks like for suppo...

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Active Listening Terms

This handout provides definitions of key active listening terms used in the the Listen Up! Active Listening as Advocacy online course and its companion handouts: Role Plays for Active Lis...

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Scenarios for Active Listening Handout

This handout provides opportunity to practice your active listening skills with different survivor scenarios. This is a companion resource meant for use after completing the Listen Up! Ac...

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Trauma-Informed Care

This handout provides a brief overview and framework for understanding the impact of trauma on survivors, communities, and those who serve them—and how this builds strong organizations an...

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Lessons for Local Programs

This handout offers  a snapshot of the lessons learned from the national Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) and the key practices and dynamics for how dual/multi-service ...

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Listening to Survivors- Essential Steps for the Intake Process

This tool assists dual/multi-service programs with restructuring their intake forms and procedures to align with approaches that are more survivor-focused and trauma-informed. Recommendations include building forms and procedures from a place of establishing relationship, safety, trust, cultural relevance, choice, collaboration and empowerment with survivors. For more resources from the Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) click here.

Risk and Protective Factors

This infographic highlights the connections between risk and protective factors and social determinants of health at the various levels of the social ecology, and can be used to link sexual violence prevention with anti-oppression and related public health issues in order to create more effective change.

Consentimiento 101

El folleto ‘Consentimiento 101’ aborda el significado del consentimiento y por qué es tan importante en las relaciones y en la vida diaria.

I Ask How Power Impacts Consent

I Ask How Power Impacts Consent Palm Cards and Handout looks at the way imbalances of power impact consent. For best graphic quality, download the PDF and then print it out.

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