Rape Prevention and Education Resources

Key Prevention Documents

Sexual Violence Prevention: Beginning the Dialogue (CDC, 2004)

Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention (NSVRC, 2006)

Sexual Violence Prevention (The Prevention Researcher, 2007)

Rape Prevention & Education Program (RPE) Fact Sheet (NSVRC, 2011)

Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention (NSVRC, 2008)

Report Describing Projects Designed to Prevent First-Time Male Perpetration of Sexual Violence (RTI International, 2008)


Prevention Tools and Resources

NSVRC Prevention Assessment Project

NSVRC Prevention Assessment Year 1 Final Report (2010)

In 2009, the NSVRC contracted with Dr. Stephanie Townsend to assist in developing a plan to measure the primary prevention capacity of the sexual violence prevention field.  This is a 3 year process being conducted in collaboration with the CDC and CALCASA/Prevention Connection.  This is the Year 1 report for the project.

NSVRC Prevention Assessment Year 2 Report: Innovations in Prevention (2012)

The second phase of the NSVRC’s Prevention Assessment project focused on interviews with innovative prevention programs and a diffusion survey to document how innovations have spread throughout the sexual violence prevention field.  The emphasis of this assessment was on how programs are thinking about primary prevention and the processes that allowed innovation to develop.  This report contains findings from that assessment.

Also see the PreventConnect podcasts with programs featured in the report:

Part 1
Part 2

NSVRC Prevention Assessment: Year 3 Report and Synthesis National Strengths and Needs (2013)

This is the final report from the NSVRC’s three year National Prevention Strengths and Needs Assessment Project, and provides a summary of the work completed during the third year of the assessment as well as a synthesis of major themes across the three year project.  The major activities of the Year 3 assessment were the completion of a national survey comparison of findings to the Year 1 survey.


Evaluation Resources

Evaluating Sexual Violence Prevention Programs: Steps and Stretegies for Preventionists (NSVRC, 2012)

This interactive online learning course walks the user through the basic steps of evaluating the impact of sexual violence prevention programs.  It offers a starting point to help users identify where their program has the skills and resources to do evaluation and where they may need some help.  In less than an hour, you can get the tools you need to start program evaluation at your organization.

Primary Prevention & Evaluation Resource Kit (PCAR, 2014)