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Stephen Montagna
Stephen is an anti-violence and social justice activist and educator with over twenty-five years experience in the movement. He is a staunch promoter of progressive values, and is a vocal ally to women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community.
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Violence Prevention Consultant
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Colleges and Universities
Sexual Violence
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Stephen Montagna
Since joining the movement in 1991, I have been focused on Primary Prevention (even before that phrase became the fashion). For twenty years, as a sustaining member of Men Stopping Rape, Inc. (MSR), one of the nation’s first men’s anti-violence organizations (started in 1983), I facilitated hundreds of workshops drawing on my own experiences being raised male, and encouraging participants to broaden their awareness of sexual violence to find its origins in the deeper fiber of our everyday lives and surrounding culture.

This work has continued to grow and be built upon further during my years with the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and in my current position with the Learning Communities for Institutional Change & Excellence (LCICE) at UW-Madison.
Population/Group Expertise
My work has been primarily focused on males, masculinity, misogyny, and homophobia – and how cultural patterns, myths, and expectations keep us stuck in behavior that harms us and, all too often, those around us.
Training Expertise
Though focused on masculinity, I have worked equally in co-ed spaces (either co-facilitating, or solo), and have helped broaden the conversation with diverse groups in a variety of locations, including university and community college campuses, high school classes and assemblies, juvenile detention centers, half-way houses, early intervention programs, military and law enforcement, and Advocate trainings.

Jacqueline Callari-Robinson, RN, SANE-A, DF-IAFN (WCASA colleague; supervisor Nov. ’09–Sept. ’10)

Cindy Southworth, Vice President, Development & Innovation, National Network to End Domestic Violence (supervisor, May – Nov., 2013 )

Seema Kapani, Director, Leadership Institute Diversity Education Coordinator University of Wisconsin (current supervisor; worked together on Leadership Institute, 2007-’08; hired me for freelance projects, Spring ’08, and hired me on staff May 2016)

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1441 East Johnson Street
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Apartment D
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United States
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