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The Sexual Violence Prevention Association (SVPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing sexual violence systemically by revolutionizing policy, research, and institutions. 


SVPA Score

The SVPA Score assesses universities' policies, programs, and procedures regarding sexual violence prevention and survivor support. As the only national bench-mark for campus sexual violence practices, the SVPA Score provides critical standardization and transparency. The SVPA Score will soon be a factor included in ranking and comparison systems such as USNews and Niche. Within five years, the SVPA plans to expand the score to evaluate the practices of companies and other institutions.


Data & Research

The SVPA maintains the largest and most extensive database for sexual violence prevention data. This data is the foundation for machine learning algorithms, big-data analytics, and statistical evaluation that expand the research for effective prevention strategies. These insights are imperative to the future of sexual violence prevention on campuses, within companies, and throughout all institutions including legislative policy.


Policy Activism

As the only national organization dedicated to preventing sexual violence systemically, the SVPA is committed to dismantling the social structures that uphold and encourage sexual violence. This includes advocating for and analyzing public policy at the local, state, and national levels. Our activism is directly informed by the insights from our data and research. Our strategy is based on the empowerment model and grassroots community organizing.


Activist Training

The SVPA Activist Training is an experiential curriculum for organizations, unions, clubs, organizers, student activists, and other groups. The training empowers groups to advocate for sexual violence prevention with direct institutional action and systemic objectives. Our curriculum is tailored to the goals and scope of each group. This includes campus and workplace action as well as policy advocacy at a local, state, and national level. 


SVPA Campus Membership 

The SVPA Campus Membership provides products, materials, insights, and a community of engagement. The membership directly addresses the siloed nature of sexual violence prevention. The SVPA Campus Membership increases efficiency and coordination between and amongst university administrators, students, advocacy organizations, support services, researchers, and policymakers.


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