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Asian Women's Shelter

About this Organization

The Asian Women’s Shelter addresses one of OVW’s Priority Issue Areas, community-driven initiatives to address violence against women among diverse and underserved populations. AWS offers a multi-leveled, community-driven approach to technical assistance through building the capacity of survivors and members of underserved communities to respond to violence against women directly within their communities, as well as in partnership with OVW grantees. AWS’s TA project has three main components: Peer-to-Peer Comprehensive Technical Assistance, Community Driven Initiatives, and Collaborative Training and Technical Assistance. AWS provides TA through a peer approach, sharing on-the-ground experience, training and practical applications, while honoring the expertise and community-driven perspectives unique to each TA site. In a joint selection process, OVW and AWS select 5-7 sites annually for intensive, on-site training and technical assistance. Through participation as Peer-to-Peer TA sites, community-based programs across the country have been able to start language and culturally competent shelter programs; replicate AWS’s Multilingual Access Model; strengthen collaboration with law enforcement and other OVW grantees; create major philosophical and structural change within their organizations to respond to changing demographics; and reach new segments in their geographic areas, such as faith-based institutions, non-English speaking populations, and LGBT communities. AWS, in collaboration with community based partners and other partner OVW TA providers, provides additional training and technical assistance to 20-50 sites through on-site training and email and phone correspondence.


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