Cosby Trial Media Advisory

June 1, 2017


Kristen Houser, Chief Public Affairs Officer 
National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

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Sexual Violence Expert On Site at Cosby Trial in Philadelphia Beginning Mon., June 5

HARRISBURG, Pa. — An expert from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) will be on site at the Montgomery County Courthouse beginning Monday, June 5, for Bill Cosby’s trial for  three counts of aggravated indecent assault of a woman in his Montgomery County home more than a decade ago. Kristen Houser, NSVRC Chief Public Affairs Officer, will be available to provide an expert perspective and important context on sexual violence, including victim behavior and trauma, offender dynamics, and the use of drugs and alcohol to perpetrate sexual violence, to members of the media covering the trial.

WHAT: Sexual Violence Expert at Bill Cosby Trial to Provide Key Context

WHO: Kristen Houser, Chief Public Affairs Officer, National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (biography below)

WHEN: Starting Monday, June 5, 2017, 8:00 am ET

WHERE: Montgomery County Courthouse, 2 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA 19401

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Sexual Violence Expert: Kristen Houser

Chief Public Affairs Officer, National Sexual Violence Resource Center and Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

Kristen Houser is a leading expert on sexual violence. With decades of experience in the field, Houser isa go-to source for context and expert opinion to national, regional, and international media on sexual assault issues and cases. She is skilled in communicating both on-camera and off on a wide range of topics, including sexual violence prevention and response, victim behavior and trauma, offender dynamics, campus sexual assault and experiences within the criminal justice system.

Houser is currently a lead spokesperson for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and previously served as President of the board of directors of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence. Houser’s experience in the field over the past 25 years enabled her to gain critical experience and perspective. She has provided training and assistance to victim service providers across the United States as well as to prosecutors, police, probation officers and medical professionals; provided testimony on sexual assault related legislation to state legislatures and Congress; and assisted with the creation, drafting and revision of state and federal legislation. Houser is also a contributing author to publications regarding victim needs and service trends.

Houser provides expert opinion, context and facts about sexual assault to media covering high-profile cases, including those of Bill Cosby and Jerry Sandusky. She is regularly cited as an authority by major daily newspapers and industry publications — including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes, and others — and has appeared as a guest on numerous broadcast networks to offer expert perspective.

Interviews include:

 Kristen’s Areas of Expertise:

  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Sexual assault
  • Victim behavior and trauma
  • Victim privacy
  • Alcohol/drug facilitated sexual assault
  • Sexual assault offender dynamics
  • Survivors in the criminal justice system
  • Sexual violence research
  • Journalism and reporting on sexual violence
  • High-profile cases and trials
  • Campus sexual assault
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