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Taking stock

Evaluation of our agencies should not just determine if our clients are satisfied with our services.  Evaluating our agencies practices,  is also a  way of holding our organizations accountable to ending racial oppression.  Evaluative questions could include:

  • Are our staff representative of our state/city/town?  

  • Who are in leadership positions? Who are in support positions? - Because racial oppression is complex and nuanced, our approach must be as well.  This is not just a matter of which box are people checking for demographics but also what diversity of experience is represented within leaderships positions and support positions?  

  • What issues are we prioritizing in our work?

    • Are these specific to marginalized populations who are often excluded from “general population/global” strategies

    • Who is deciding on what’s priority?  

    • Who is informing the work and how are they compensated?  Who do we expect to pay and who de we expect to “volunteer” or donate their time to tell us how to do better?  

  • Are we evaluating our services to ensure that our work is:

    • Addressing the strengths and challenges of the marginalized communities of color within our service areas?

    • Culturally-resonant to the individuals and communities we serve?  And if not, what are the gaps and how do we meet them?  

  • What opportunities for growth and exploration are we giving to staff?  If we are providing training to staff, who are we paying/giving the floor to do this?  

What other questions would you want to ask and explore of your own agencies to ensure your practices align with your stances?  

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agency accountability

How do we create the space for the people interacting with our organizations and receiving services from us able to provide meaninful feedback on our services?

Are we talking to people in the communities that are underserved by our agency to ask how our agency could be more inviting and where within their communities are people already getting support to find ways to make our own agencies more inclusive and to partner with the organizations and community spaces where people are already getting support?