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The NSVRC collects information and resources to assist those working to prevent sexual violence and to improve resources, outreach and response strategies. This resource section includes access to NSVRC collections and selected online resources.

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Browse by topics or publication types for select online resources or click here to search our entire Library collection of print and electronic materials.  If you cannot find what you need, please contact us.

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La Cultura De La Atención Integral Una Guía Para Programas Con Servicios Ante La Agresión Sexual

Description Esta guía provee información para apoyar los programas de servicio contra el asalto sexual, reforzando sus respuestas tanto individuales como organizacionales hacia l...

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Trauma-Informed Care

Description This handout provides a brief overview and framework for understanding the impact of trauma on survivors, communities, and those who serve them—and how this builds st...

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Lecciones Para Los Programas Locales

Description Este folleto ofrece un vistazo a las lecciones aprendidas a través de la Iniciativa de Demostración de Asalto Sexual nacional (SADI, por sus siglas en inglés) y las p...

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Lessons for Local Programs

Description This handout offers  a snapshot of the lessons learned from the national Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) and the key practices and dynamics for ho...

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It Matters! How Defining Sexual Violence Defines Advocacy Programs

Description How advocacy programs view and define sexual violence shapes their identity and impacts the concrete ways they offer services and speak to the community. This resourc...

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Adiós al menú: cómo ampliar el alcance de la intercesoría

Description Este recurso recomienda que los programas duales o de multiservicios reconsideren el concepto de intercesoría, para responder de mejor manera a las necesidades divers...

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Throw Away the Menu

Description This resource recommends dual/multi-service programs reconsider the concept of advocacy to be more responsive to the diverse and wide-ranging needs of survivors of se...

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Servicios integrales para los sobrevivientes de violencia sexual

Description Esta guía explora cómo los programas de servicios duales o de multiservicios pueden proveer servicios comprehensivos que atienden la gama completa que los sobrevivien...

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Comprehensive Services

Description This guide explores how dual/multi-service programs can provide comprehensive services that address the entire scope of survivors’ experiences — going beyond immediat...

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Listening to Survivors- Essential Steps for the Intake Process

Description This tool assists dual/multi-service programs with restructuring their intake forms and procedures to align with approaches that are more survivor-focused and trauma-...

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