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SAAM 2021 #30DaysofSAAM Challenge

Instagram Challenge

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Join advocates, activists, survivors, and supporters who are getting involved in Sexual Assault Awareness Month this April on Instagram. Daily prompts encourage creative ways for you to raise awareness, educate, and connect with others — plus you have a chance to win prizes every day you participate.

Week One



Thursday, April 1: Decorate Your Virtual Space
Decorate your online space for SAAM, such as a social media profile, an online game, a zoom background, your physical workspace, or more. Check out the campaign graphics for ideas on getting started.Download the Calendar Version

Friday, April 2: SAAM Online Event Shout-Out
SAAM events are happening online this year. Post details about one you’re hosting or share a flashback photo from a previous SAAM event.

Saturday, April 3: Three Things I Use to Stay Grounded
Share three items, supportive words, songs, or activities that help you stay grounded. Present your three things as a collage, list, etc.

 Week Two


Sunday, April 4: What to Say to Support Survivors
Share a message of what to say when a survivor shares their story with you. For instance, I Believe You.

Monday, April 5: Statistics to Know
Find a statistic on sexual violence and create your own graphic or find another way to highlight the statistic.

Tuesday, April 6: SAAM Day of Action 
Wear teal and share a selfie. Be sure to cross-promote on other social media platforms using #SAAM2021.

Wednesday, April 7: Teal Ribbon in the Wild 
Place teal ribbon somewhere in nature or an unexpected place.Sign up for the #30DaysOfSAAM

Thursday, April 8: Handwritten Words of Encouragement
Share a SAAM haiku, quote, sidewalk chalk drawing, or inspirational message in your own writing or style. 

Friday, April 9: Resource Shout-Out
Help share information by giving one of your favorite resources for survivors a shout-out (this could be an organization, infographic, report, book, etc.).

Saturday, April 10: Self-Care Snack Exchange 
Share self-care snack or recipe ideas. The more creative the presentation, the better.

Week Three



Sunday, April 11: Letter of Support 
Write a message of support for survivors of sexual assault. Consider phrases like Support Survivors, Hope & Healing, Your Story Matters.

Monday, April 12: A Little Known Fact
Share an important but often overlooked fact relating to sexual violence and create your own graphic or find another way to highlight the fact. 

Tuesday, April 13: Using Protection (Mask Up)
Show us how you keep yourself and others safe from the pandemic. 

Wednesday, April 14: Activism Then/Now 
Share side-by-side photos that show how the pandemic has impacted the ways you reach people or engage with SAAM. For instance, contrasting a physical resource with a new online resource.Follow us on instagram

Thursday, April 15: Doing My Part Thru Art
Print and complete the SAAM coloring page, save it and color digitally, or create your own illustration for SAAM. Take an artistic shot of your finished product.

Friday, April 16: Online Community Shout-Out
Share a place that you find community online — this could be a social media account you follow, message board, subreddit, or other online space. In the caption, share what it is about the community that creates a safe and respectful space.

Saturday, April 17: How I Relax
Snap a picture showing us your favorite way to reenergize. This might be curling up with a good book, doing a crossword, or exercising. 

Week Four



Sunday, April 18: Online Support 
Share ways we can support survivors virtually. Ideas may range from donating to local organizations to standing up to victim-blaming comments online.

Monday, April 19: Terms to Know
Explain a term that relates to sexual violence and create your own graphic or find another way to highlight the definition.

Tuesday, April 20: Shine a Light on Local Support
Locate your local sexual assault resource center and share their website URL/hotline number by taking and sharing a screenshot. Or if you are a service provider, share your own contact info.

Wednesday, April 21: An Activist’s Desk 
Give us a snapshot into some of the SAAM supplies, resources, or symbols in your world.

Thursday, April 22: Something You Made
Share a photo of something you made (a resource, art piece, recipe, craft, or more) and explain how it relates to SAAM in the caption.

Friday, April 23: Cross-Promote  
Give yourself a shout-out by posting a screenshot where you’re sharing SAAM content on another platform. 

Saturday, April 24: Symbolic Item
Share an object that represents your commitment to ending sexual violence. Explain its significance in the caption.

Week Five



Sunday, April 25: Supportive Representation
Tell us about a book, show, song, YouTube video, etc. that gives a good representation of survivors.

Monday, April 26: People to Know
Shine a spotlight on someone who is speaking out in the movement to end sexual violence and create your own graphic or find another way to highlight them.

Tuesday, April 27: One Takeaway from SAAM 2021
Closeout SAAM by sharing something everyone can do to promote respectful online spaces in the coming year. Find a way to demonstrate, illustrate, or share this message in writing.

Wednesday, April 28: Denim Day: Wear Jeans with a Purpose 
Wear jeans to take a stand against victim-blaming in honor of Denim Day. Head over to to learn more about the campaign.

Thursday, April 29: Spell It Out: S-A-A-M
Get creative and use objects (flowers, food, art supplies, etc.) to form the letters S-A-A-M and snap a photo.

Friday, April 30: You Did It! Gratefulness Shout-Out
Give thanks to someone or something that helped to make your engagement in the #30DaysofSAAM possible this year. This might be yourself, your team, or some other supportive person, place, or practice that you want to express your gratitude towards. 

Participation guidelines

  • Anyone can participate: individuals accounts, organizational accounts, accounts created just for the contest, etc. 
  • Submission posts must tag @NSVRC.
  • Posts must include #30DaysofSAAM and a hashtag identifying the prompt you’re responding to (i.e. #Day1, #Day2, etc).
  • Posts can come from organizations or individuals.
  • All types of posts are accepted including video, photos, digital artwork, photos of illustrations, collages, poems, etc.
  • Posts MUST be original content (not reposted from somewhere else).
  • Posts that feature thoughtful text descriptions will be given extra consideration.

Prizes and Eligibility

Daily Prizes
A winner will be chosen for each prompt daily and awarded a $15 gift card to plus have their submission featured on NSVRC’s account.

Grand Prize
There are two ways to become eligible for our grand prize drawing: (1) participate every Tuesday of April or (2) participate every day of April. Those that participate every day will have their names entered into the drawing twice. The grand prize is a $250 gift card to Etsy.