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Pinning for Prevention


About two years ago, I heard about a new social network called Pinterest.   Some said it was the new “big thing”.  I decided to try it out.  I didn’t really get it, but I started using it.  Then other friends began catching on.  Soon, my 2-3 boards developed into what is now 32 boards with nearly 1500 pins.  I now use Pinterest as a virtual recipe box, travel scrapbook, craft-making and photography guide – in general, a place to share, gather, and discover all the things that interest me.  And you can pin from anywhere with the Pinterest app.  My phone now serves as my recipe card when I’m baking.

So, it got me thinking.  If Pinterest is one of the hottest social media networks out there, how can we use it to further our sexual violence prevention messaging?  I decided to search for prevention-related pins and what I found was pretty grim.  First, there really wasn’t much to be found.  Many pins that I did find focused on telling women what THEY needed to do to keep THEMSELVES safe.  Not surprising.  But then I realized there was an opportunity to fill that void on Pinterest with positive prevention resources and messages.   According to Mashable, although the main demographic users are women ages 25-44, the number of unique visitors increases every day.  There is an opportunity to reach millions of these users with positive prevention messaging.

That is why I’m excited that the NSVRC has decided to join Pinterest and add some of our favorite resources to the mix.  We’re also working to gather and repin prevention resources from other organizations as well.  If you or your organization are using Pinterest to further sexual violence prevention messaging, let us know by commenting below!  We’d love to follow you and pin your ideas and resources.  And be sure to follow us!

And if you have no idea what Pinterest is, or why it even matters, check out some of these helpful online resources and watch the video below for a brief introduction to Pinterest.  Happy pinning!

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