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Announcing SAAM's 2016 Theme...

SAAM 2016

Prevention is possible, and it is the theme of this April’s, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It takes many voices and roles to prevent sexual violence. This April, we’ll focus on the ways individuals, communities, and the private sector can take action to promote safety, respect, and equality. 

Prevention is Possible

Prevention is Possible

Preventing such a far-reaching and prevalent social issue as sexual violence may seem overwhelming or even impossible. This mentality implies that there isn’t a solution or if there is – we can’t achieve it. But we can and we are. Reactionary measures are not enough; instead we need a comprehensive solution. There are many practical steps that are currently being taken in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, faith communities, and workplaces. But there are many more things we can do to promote safety, respect, equality, and accountability.

The 2016 SAAM campaign will provide community advocates, business and campus leaders, and individuals with a toolkit to promote prevention. These tools will help encourage safe behaviors, thoughtful policies, and healthy relationships. This April’s SAAM campaign will illuminate the way that prevention efforts are a part of a broader societal change. We invite you to join these efforts and use your voice to help spread the word that prevention is possible!

Materials will be available online in English and Spanish in early January 2016. Follow us on social media, and keep checking the SAAM blog for campaign updates. You can also sign-up join our SAAM mailing list:

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