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Victims & survivors

Considerations for Victims with Cognitive and Communication Disabilities
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center
  • Ali Mailen Perrotto Thu, 09/12/2013 - 09:49
  • 2013
  • This recorded web presentation will help advocates and allied victim service professionals identify some of the ways in which people with communication disabilities may relay messages, both verbally and non-verbally, and will highlight some techniques and technologies that can help bridge the language gap in order to provide quality sexual violence services. (27 minutes)


    One in Eight: The Reality of Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Detention

  • Just Detention International
  • 2013
  • This JDI webinar covers the juvenile detention system, focusing on the crisis of sexual abuse facing youth detainees. Expert presenters review the offenses that most often result in the incarceration of young people, and the types of facilities that are used to detain them. The session also looks at the newly released Prison Rape Elimination Act standards, which apply to youth facilities.

    View this webinar.

    Through our eyes: Children, violence, and Trauma
  • Office for Victims of Crime
  • Ali Mailen Perrotto Wed, 03/13/2013 - 15:46
  • 2013
  • OVC provides a page of videos and resources discussing the role and impact of trauma from violence in the lives of children who have experienced victimization. These resources focus on increasing capacity to identify, respond to and treat this trauma in children.

    View these resources.

    Evidence for Violence Prevention Across the Lifespan and Around the World-A Workshop

  • Institute of Medicine
  • 2013
  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) provides video recordings from a 2-day workshop to explore the evidentiary basis for violence prevention across the lifespan and around the world. The public workshop was organized and conducted by an ad hoc committee to examine needs, common approaches, and effective interventions.

    Reporting on Sexual Violence

  • Poynter Institute
  • 2013
  • This course provides information for journalists on understanding sexual violence, including explanations about the differences between prevention and risk reduction. It offers tools and guidelines for interviewing sexual violence survivors, using video, photography and other visuals in news media and avoiding predictable or potentially harmful coverage. Registration is required.

    Access this course.

    Getting Down to Basics: An Overview of Sexual Abuse in Jails

  • Just Detention International
  • 2013
  • This webinar will provide an overview of the crisis of sexual abuse in jails, outlining the factors that make this violence so prevalent, as well as its devastating impact on survivors. Presenters provide first-hand accounts of sexual abuse in jail from JDI Survivor Council members. The webinar also features JDI staff who have worked extensively to ensure services for incarcerated survivors.

    A New Approach: Providing Services to Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Prison

  • Just Detention International
  • 2012
  • This JDI webinar offers information for community service providers on responding effectively to sexual assault in prison. The presenters emphasize the practical skills needed both to develop services for prisoner rape survivors and to build lasting partnerships between rape crisis organizations and corrections agencies.

    View the webinar

    The intersections of sex work and violence
  • Ali Mailen Perrotto Tue, 12/04/2012 - 15:36
  • 2012
  • This webinar recording discusses why sex work is so common among transgender people and outlines the additional barriers standing between sex workers and crime victim services.  A copy of the slides for this presentation is available.

    Access the recording.