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Women Write Wikipedia: A How-To Webinar

  • Deanna Zandt for Women, Action, & the Media (WAM!)
  • 2012
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    Every year as part of Women, Action and the Media’s WAM! It Yourself Week, I provide a free 1-hour introduction to editing Wikipedia as part of the effort to close the gender gap. Over 80% of Wikipedia’s editors are men, and we’re not capturing the full breadth of our collective experiences there by having only one gender contribute most of the content. (WAM)

    "We Live in a Hip Hop Culture": Tracy Wright & Althea Hart on using hip hop to discuss sexual and domestic violence

  • Kelsey Wallace for Bitch Media
  • 2012
  • Tracy Wright from the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Althea Hart from the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault discuss the ways that hip hop songs relate to issues of sexual and intimate partner violence. They describe the work they do to educate others on critical media literacy using popular songs as examples. (41 minutes)

    A Lens into the World of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

  • International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN)
  • The International Association of Forensic Nurses and the IAFN Foundation in collaboration with Seedworks Films brings you a look into the world of Forensic Nurses. This film is the first part of a series on forensic nursing. Titled "Part 1: A lens into the world of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner," this is only a snapshot of the world of Forensic Nurses. The aspects depicted in this video do not represent all the sub specialties of Forensic Nursing.

    Marital Rape

  • VAWnet, The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women
  • 2010
  • This 30 minute online learning tool is adapted from the Applied Research Paper, Marital Rape: New research and directions by Raquel Kennedy Bergen. Participants will learn the definition, risk factors, and effects of marital rape and will be able to identify potential intervention strategies.

    Intimate Aggression: Understanding Sexual Coercion
  • Vera Institute
  • Ali Mailen Perrotto Wed, 09/28/2011 - 10:19
  • 2011
  • Chitra Raghavan discusses the topic of sexual coercion, helping to define sexual violence within intimate relationships. Concepts such as relationship status, negotiations for intimacy, and common features in intimate sexual aggression.  These common features include manipulation, use of force, and blackmail.

    Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction, an Interview with Kimberly Lonsway

  • Jennifer Grove for VAWnet, the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women
  • 2010
  • Jennifer Grove of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center interviews Kimberly Lonsway, Research Director for the non-profit organization End Violence Against Women International. Lonsway earned her PhD in the department of psychology at the University of Illionis-Urbana Champaign. She is the lead author on the VAWnet Applied Research paper: Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction: Review of the Research Literature for Practitioners.

    Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence

  • Rachel Jewkes for World Health Organization (VIP)
  • This webinar recording is part of the World Health Organization's Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP) State of the Art 2010 series.  Presented by  Rachel Jewkesof the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, the webinar discusses prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence and the health impacts as human rights issues.  View the PowerPoint slides for this presenation.