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Case study/Scenarios

Responding to Late Life Domestic Violence

  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
  • 2015
  • A four part training video, “Responding to Late Life Domestic Violence” is the culmination of a three year VAWA STOP grant that was awarded to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The grant project was designed to provide training between Elder Protective Services Agencies, Domestic Violence Agencies and Rape Crisis agencies in order to improve responses to cases of domestic violence and sexual assault involving older women and to foster cross agency collaboration.

    Teaching Scenarios: Responding to Rape, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse

  • The Woman's Justice Center
  • 2000
  • Teaching scenarios used in this self-paced online course are designed for use in groups and classes of all kinds. The following teaching scenarios are designed for use in groups and classes of all kinds. Although they are phrased in terms of what to do if you have "a friend" in a given situation, the scenarios are designed to educate everyone.

    Sexual Harassment: Trend of Turning Point, A self-paced sexual harassment prevention course

  • Harvill, Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University
  • 2006
  • The method of this online workbook is to help users analyze actual workplace scenarios, put themselves in the role of both victim and harasser, and covertly practice what they would do if a similar incident occurred. This workbook also takes a look at the individual - offering self-reflection on who you are, what your tendencies are, and how much you trust yourself regarding your reactions and perceptions during critical incidents.

    Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: Adjudicating this Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence

  • National Judicial Education Program of Legal Momentum
  • This online course covers the legal, medical and social science aspects of intimate partner sexual abuse. It is focused on judges but is also intended for a multidisciplinary audience including court personnel. You can treat this website as a course and take it straight through or as a resource, accessing the background resources, modules, developing issues, recommendations and case studies on an as-needed basis.