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Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Summit 2018

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San Mateo
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Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
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Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Summit 2018

Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 8:30 AM – Fri, Jun 8, 2018, 8:30 AM PDT

The Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Summit (also known as Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Conference - PIVPC) has returned to San Mateo County! This year, the theme is "The Resilience Continuum: Still Standing." The evolving concept of resilience can be a prevention strategy. It is not just about "bouncing back," but about how to bounce back. Although it is not always spoken to in this context, resiliency is a process and can help us prepare and address violence in its many forms.

This year, we have made a few adjustments to our format. With the current state of our society, we have been inspired to allow for space that in conducive to Pacific culture which is storytelling. The PIVPS will have speakers from several sectors, who have not just overcome adversity, but had resiliency play a role in the continuum of their success. They will share their ability to respond to risk, adversity and change while still standing. They will also share strategies, cultural practices and best practices that help shape the world of violence prevention. This summit seeks to empower and inform Pacific Islander community and faith leaders, service providers, college students, law enforcement, advocates, gang prevention and intervention task force participants, public health professionals, researchers, school personnel, violence prevention experts, youth development and educators.

We want to empower all attendees to dynamically strategize resilience to deal with, recover from and prevent tragedies enduced by violence within the Pacific Islander community that will lead to ACTION. Joins us for 2 days of edification, community empowerment and dialogue.

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College of San Mateo Campus
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1700 West Hillsdale Boulevard Building 10- College Center