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xCHANGE Featuring Dr. Victoria Banyard -- Save the Date

Dear Engaged Bystander:  The xCHANGE is a really unique opportunity to talk with Dr. Victoria Banyard, a nationally recognized expert on bystander intervention and the lead researcher of the UNH program, Bringing in the Bystander.  Here are the details:


The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is pleased to announce the first in a series of online forums that will focus on supporting the xCHANGE of information between advocates, prevention educators and researchers.  The forums are free and all you need to participate is a user account at nsvrc.org.   Our first xCHANGE Forum will support the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2011 Campaign and features Dr. Victoria Banyard moderating a discussion on bystander intervention.  Save the Date!

Join us on April 12 from 2:30-3:30 PM Eastern where a live real time xCHANGE of information will occur on the effectiveness of bystander intervention approaches moderated by Dr. Victoria Banyard. Bystander intervention serves as the central theme and approach in the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s 2011 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign: It’s Time…to Get Involved.

If you cannot join us on April 12th please participate in the continued discussion on bystander intervention that will occur through April 15th. This exchange will not be a real time discussion but the forum will be open for questions, responses and comments; responses will be posted daily.

More information and how to participate is available online.  If you have any questions or need any assistance logging in or creating an NSVRC account please contact Jenn Benner at jbenner@nsvrc.org.          warmly


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Sally Laskey
Wed, 04/06/2011

We have invited many researchers to join the discussion and really look forward to Dr. Banyard leading us through how practice has informed research and what we are now learning from a series of evaluation studies that have been conducted around the country.

Hope you can join us too, Joan!