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Sex and Gender Terms Explained

Reblogged from Forensic Healthcare Online

{This post originally appeared on Forensic Healthcare Online, which I also authored, and was reprinted with my permission. See the original post.}


Sex & Gender Identity: An Intro

From cisgender to transgender, the terminology associated with gender identity can be confusing. Here's a look at some of the most common terms defined.---Watch more videos on TestTube! | New Videos Daily!

Posted by TestTube on Monday, July 27, 2015

NSVRC posted this brief video from Discovery Digital (via GLAAD) on their Facebook page today about sex and gender terms. It’s a fantastic teaching tool for helping clinicians understand the distinction among some terms that are often misunderstood, or simply not widely recognized within our professional circles. (Although it definitely wasn’t created for a clinical audience; it’s just perfectly simple and straightforward, so it has wide range.) I encourage you to watch the video and consider where you might be able to incorporate it into upcoming educational sessions. 


(Note from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Check out additional tools from FORGE and IAFN 101Trans Identity Words, FAQ: Pronouns and Trans Individuals, Free recorded webinar Medical and Forensic Considerations in Caring for Transgender Sexual Assault Survivors and our Information Packet on Sexual violence & individuals who identify as LGBTQ.)

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