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Love, Leadership and Succession Planning


This is a guest blog post by Sally J. Laskey, NSVRC Outreach Director

It seems fitting that one of my final tasks on my last day at the NSVRC is posting a blog about SANE Sustainability.  As I move into a new leadership position with the International Assocation of Forensic Nurses, I am in awe of the leadership that both NSVRC and IAFN have shown around supporting SANE Sustainablity!

We have talked about leadership development before on the SANE Blog. The most amazing thing about working with folks around SANE sustainability is seeing leaders in action.  My work with these leaders has made me think a lot about Transformational Leadership.  What is Transformational Leadership? 

Check out this short video to get the basics. 

Are you a transformational leader or do you know one?  Life moves at a swift pace, especially in the healthcare field.  Advance planning for supporting and building future SANE program leaders is a key element of sustainability.  Transformational leadership approaches can be a helpful for SANE program managers to consider.

The SANE Sustainability App can help you with your leadership development work specifically your work to cultivate leadership in your program, department and nursing community.

Download the free app and start with the Staffing & Leadership section.  The cultivating leadership overview can get you started and I encourage you to be bold and start thinking and talking about succession planning.  The interactive succession planning worksheet can get the conversation started.  With your leadership, these very practical conversations can be inspirational.  If you love what you do, take the time to make sure that others continue to do it once you have gone. Share your inspirations about transformative leaders in the comments section below. 

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