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SAAM is nearly here

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is less than a month away. Are you ready for April 2015? The SAAM 2015 campaign is all about campus sexual violence prevention. It’s a call to action to create safer campuses and brighter futures for all.  Everyone has a role to play in creating change.

SAAM 2015

This campaign is a toolkit for advocates, campus personnel, students and allies. These materials can be used to engage the entire community to take action to end sexual assault. 

There are factsheets, posters, and planning tools to get you started. There are also plenty of ways to spread the word about #SAAM on social media.

From the It’s time to act video to share graphics and downloads, you can help us engage communities in talking about campus sexual violence prevention.

Share with us

Be sure to keep in touch between now and April. Our team will be rolling out lots of additional tools and sharing SAAM highlights from across the country.

Also, be sure to let us know what you are doing for SAAM. You can share with us on social networks or e-mail us your photos, events, and plans. 

Need help planning for SAAM? Don’t be shy! There are lots of new tools and resources on our website to help you learn, plan and engage media. You can also reach out for assistance










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