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SAAM 2016 Sneak Peek

This year’s campaign is focused on prevention – the slogan boldly declaring prevention is possible! The campaign will include resources to help everyone see their role in preventing sexual violence. The materials listed below will help to ground the concept of prevention by educating individuals, communities, and businesses on practical steps they can take to end sexual violence before it occurs. 

SAAM Mailer
This year’s mailer, pictured to the left, will give an overview of the ways different groups can be involved in prevention. The mailer includes a pull-out poster to help highlight the month. 

Factsheet Resources
The following factsheets will be available online:

• What is Sexual Violence? – Educates readers on the facts about sexual violence so they are able to play an active role in changing misconceptions.

• The Impact of Sexual Violence – Explains how sexual violence impacts survivors and their loved ones as well as communities and society as a whole.

• Prevention is Possible – Introduces the concept of prevention and details how everyone from individuals to businesses can be a part of the solution.

SAAM Tools 
The following tools will also be available:

Campaign Guide                       Event Planning Guide
Letter to the Editor                    Proclamation
Social Media Toolkit                  Tips for Creating a Campaign

¡Posibilidades de prevención!

The Spanish language SAAM campaign emphasizes the many possibilities of prevention. Prevention is a vision of safety and respect for all families and communities. These materials are inspired by the idea that together there are many ways we can prevent sexual violence. 

Check back in the coming weeks as these materials become available!

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