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Proudly presenting the theme of SAAM 2015

This week, I'm excited to share more with you about the theme for SAAM 2015. If you saw us at the National Sexual Assault Conference, or if you have been poking around our webpages, you might already know the scoop. Drum roll please... 

SAAM 2015

This April, the national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign will focus on campus sexual violence prevention. The goal of SAAM 2015 is to support campuses in creating a culture of prevention and effective, trauma-informed response. Everyone has a role to play in creating safer campuses. It’s time to act to create learning environments where all are engaged in prevention. 

Campus sexual violence prevention

The topic of campus sexual violence has received national attention in the news in recent months. From the White House to local news outlets and universities, the reality of the rates of sexual assault committed against college students confirms a need for working together in prevention and response. Many advocates from campuses and communities have been working to address this issue for decades, and new legislation and guidelines are directing campuses in creating safe and responsive environments. Student and survivor voices are asking for accountability and change. It is a critical time to take action. 

The 2015 SAAM campaign will serve as a toolkit for community advocates, campus personnel, students, and allies.  This campaign will help build and improve campus prevention work by engaging the entire community. SAAM 2015 will also engage individuals and communities in taking steps to create positive change to end sexual assault. 

The prevention of sexual violence on campus involves many voices and roles. Comprehensive prevention requires partners at every level taking action.  It means working with individuals, talking about healthy relationships, creating campus-wide resources, programs and policy, and seeing these efforts as a part of broader social change. SAAM 2015 is an invitation to join these efforts and use your voice to play a role in creating change. 

 Materials will be available online in English and Spanish by January 2015. Follow us on social media, and keep checking the SAAM blog for campaign updates. You can also sign-up join our SAAM mailing list:


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