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Positively Friday

I find myself struggling with the opposite of writer’s block lately. It’s the sort of catch-22 when there’s so much out there to comment on, you don’t quite know where to begin. Media literacy is vital to the activist’s tool box, but in a media driven culture it’s exhausting to keep up with the outrage. Despite the flood of misinformation, great thinkers are out clearing the record, advocates are still joining together, and there are examples of positive change that can recharge and refuel us. At the end of a long week and in the spirit of self-care, let’s catch up with some of the lately that can help sustain our vision.

Stop Street Harassment National Report

A groundbreaking national report on sexual harassment and assault in public spaces was released this month by Stop Street Harassment. The report Unsafe and Harassed in Public Spaces details striking statistics on the frequency women, men and LGBTQ experience harassment. According to the report, two in three American women experience sexual harassment and assault in public spaces. Although the statistics are overwhelming this report is the first national survey of experiences of public harassment in the U.S. and it was funded entirely by individual donations. In so many ways it is a marker of positive change. I am thankful there is now data to confirm the significance of experiences of harassment, and it’s also been helpful to the media covering the report in ways that effectively highlight this issue.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15th is an opportunity to increase understanding about elder abuse, neglect and exploitation as a global issue worthy of attention and action. We can all play a role in promoting the safety and well-being of older adults and preventing elder abuse. It’s hard for me to accept the reality that the generations who have come before us, our loved ones and caretakers, can be vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. WEADD is a global movement to empower advocacy and proclaim the value of individuals of any age, identity or ability. Change is possible when we are United Against Elder Abuse.

Trans health conference

The 13th Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is currently underway, and I’m very excited for NSVRC and PCAR colleagues who are participating in this space for Trans* people and allies re-envisioning what health means for Trans* people. Even if you can’t attend, you can join me in virtual learning by following the hashtag and inspiring conversation at #transhealth2014.

Celebrate healthy masculinity

For many Father’s Day weekend means celebrating the fathers, brothers, role models and inspiring men in their lives. There are so many beautiful ways to express healthy masculinity. Have you seen the Ad Council’s Fatherhood Involvement campaign? Do you plan to share any healthy masculinity inspirations with the fellas in your life?

Let’s keep moving forward with some positive thinking. What helped you feel good this week?


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