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NEDAwareness: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Did you know it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week? It’s never too late to show your support for #NEDAwareness. This campaign is led by our partners at NEDA who feed hope by creating tools and resources to understand eating disorders and support individuals and families on the journey to recovery. NEDAwareness spreads the word about media literacy, marginalized voices and healthy body image.  

This week is also an opportunity to talk about the relationship between sexual violence and eating disorders. There are many links between sexual assault, trauma and oppression. Understanding this connection can strengthen support for individuals struggling with eating disorders who have experienced sexual violence.

This link is also a part of the prevention puzzle and working toward communities where all people are safe and healthy. These connections remind us there are so many reasons to support this effort to raise awareness and create change. 

NEDAwareness resources

Be sure to check out all the resources our partners have created to help individuals and communities get in the know. Check out some of our favorite NEDAwareness resources below: 

Marginalized Voices Project 
This project collects stories that focus on underrepresented experiences and communities in eating disorder recovery. 

Proud2BMe: Building a nation where confidence rules
Proud2BMe is an online community created by and for teens and young adults.

Exploring the links: Eating Disorders & Sexual Violence
This online resource collection offers information on the intersections of sexual violence and eating disorders. 

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