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Let’s get consensual

I heart consentIt’s a time of year when everyone is love-struck by love. Or at least that’s what advertisers may want us to think. Whether you are celebrating Galentine’s day, the health benefits of chocolate, or are poised to boycott, it’s the perfect time to share your love for healthy sexuality and consent

5 ways healthy sexuality is for everybody


Healthy sexuality doesn’t just happen in the context of a relationship. It also isn’t just for people who are choosing to have sex or do sexy things. Respect and consent are values you can practice in any and every area of your life. Even people who aren’t romantically involved should treat each other with respect. 

You define your ‘healthy’

There’s not just one definition of healthy sexuality. There are many ways of being and this includes being sexual. Consent is a respect for others’ boundaries. It can be a part of any and every identity, orientation and preference. Everyone is worthy of respect, and consent is key in all our connections. 

It’s for everyBODY

You are worthy of healthy sexuality. There are a lot of messages in this world that paint a limited picture of who is loveable and loved. No thanks! All body types and abilities are worthy of healthy sexuality. Every size is the right size for choosing yes, no, or maybe and being respected for that choice.

Nothing is more timeless

Here’s the thing about our sexuality: It’s always a part of us, from start to finish. There’s no expiration date on your sexuality, and it’s also never too early to teach respect. No matter how you’ve been treated by others in the past, in the present, and always, healthy sexuality is for you, too. 

You can share the love

Our team got creative and whipped up these share graphics for Valentine’s Day to help you share the love. You can also get in the groove with this awesome playlist of songs about consent. You can also learn more about healthy sexuality and consent to empower yourself and others. This fact sheet is a great place to start.

Happy, healthy love day! If activism sends your heart aflutter be sure to participate in the #EspavoLove campaign and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. In less than two months it will be time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. These tools will help you get ready for April 2015!

Kiss me... if you'd like to


I respect you valentine 

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