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The Hunting Ground highlights the scope of campus sexual assault

The SAAM countdown just got real. Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2015 is just 1 day away! 

We are very excited to see communities sharing about the ways they support survivors and work to end sexual violence. There is so much happening for SAAM 2015! This year, there will be special attention to the topic of campus sexual violence. This topic is addressed in our informational resources and materials for SAAM, and it's also at the center of the film The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground

From the Academy Award-nominated filmmaking team behind “The Invisible War” comes a startling exposé of sexual assault on U.S. campuses, institutional cover-ups and the brutal social toll on victims and their families. “The Hunting Ground” debuted in January at the Sundance Film Festival and is being released by RADiUS and CNN Films. The film has captured attention across the country, and it has even made it to The Daily Show where Oscar-nominated filmmakers Amy Ziering and  Kirby Dick talk about the film's impact and the scope of this problem. 

This film is powerful. Through stories and statistics this film highlights the far-reaching scope of campus sexual assault. It adds names and faces to the many reports, trends and artilces on this timely issue. Most importantly, it looks to engage audiences to take action to end sexual assault on college campuses. 

NSVRC is partnering with The Hunting Ground this April to help spread the word. We know this film is going to be a conversation starter, and we want to play a role in building this conversation toward action. Stay tuned to hear more from us about how you can be involved.

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