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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: A time to connect the dots

October is here, and it’s an exciting month for anyone who loves fall and activism. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), and this year’s campaign asks: How do you #seeDV

This year, I #seeDV as a growing national conversation in our homes and communities about the impact of violence. The conversation seems to have more attention than ever as voices challenge accepting domestic violence and sexual violence as the status quo. From the NFL to our college campuses, there’s vital work to be done to create the change necessary to address the root causes of violence.

New research from the CDC can help us to #seeDV and important links to multiple forms of violence. Connecting the Dots is a report on how different forms of violence are interconnected and share same root causes. The idea is many forms of violence - gang violence, sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence - are connected. In short, it’s all connected!

This connection has been apparent to the people and organizations who serve our communities, but research can help us to see these links and look at creating solutions to end all violence. Our vision for safer communities and a future free from sexual violence is also a vision for a world where all violence ends. Since it’s DVAM, let’s take this opportunity to #seeDV, and recognize preventing sexual violence is a step toward ending interpersonal, domestic, and family violence.

Ready to learn more about the connections between domestic and sexual violence? Check out this infographic from the CDC. 

Did you know October is also… 

Also, a new infographic from NSVRC is out today. Learn more about connections between homelessness, LGBTQ youth and sexual violence

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