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From The Stacks

Stacks of BooksWelcome to the NSVRC’s newest blog, “From Pages to Practice!” I am so excited to have the privilege to be sharing something that I hold near and dear to my heart with you all today. The NSVRC library has been essentially my “home” for the last two and a half years. I have had the privilege of witnessing many unique articles, books, and other resources come in and circulate out of its respectable shelves. Many works and pieces contained on the shelves are from world class researchers and authors. I have had to refrain from taking each and every new work that we receive home with me before anyone else has the opportunity to check it out. While some have come to know of the library’s holdings of scholarly materials, it has become evident that not everyone may know that the NSVRC even has a library, let alone can perhaps partake of the knowledge that it holds.  

Let me first explain that the NSVRC library is actually considered a non-lending reference and research library, meaning our books and audiovisual materials do not circulate. However, many resources are available through interlibrary loan upon request. Patrons have the ability to request articles from a number of scholarly journals. An example of NSVRC owned journals include The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, The Journal of Primary Prevention, and Violence Against Women, just to name a few.  We also have the ability to request articles that we may not own through the national library consortium DOCLINE. Under the guidelines of the Copyright Act, articles are then sent in a convenient PDF format.

You may also be curious to know that the NSVRC library catalog also holds materials for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape’s collection. Those specific materials circulate for Pennsylvania’s 50 rape crisis centers. The PCAR center staff has the ability to request PCAR housed materials, books and audiovisual materials. Upon request, we will happily e-mail a PDF version of an article or mail the physical material to the center. All of this takes place upon the PCAR requestor signing a patron agreement.

The important thing about any of the materials housed at the NSVRC or PCAR is that they all hold a common key element, which is that they center upon informing and enhancing our users’ knowledge for finding ways to end and prevent sexual violence. All of this being said, I hope that folks can see just how truly special and unique the NSVRC and PCAR library collections are. My hope also is that through this blog more folks will gain the desire to come and explore what the entire library has to offer. Then perhaps you may see why I am as enthralled with it as I am and the reasons behind the grand desire I hold to share it with you all.  Come back again and I just may introduce you to a new author, whose works will enlighten and amaze!  

Are you curious and want to find out more? Feel free to explore the library catalog

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