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Handling Conflict

I read this blog post over at Huffington Post last week on handling conflict. The post is written within the context of the recent bad behavior at healthcare reform townhalls around the country, but it speaks to the issue generally. I thought the author did a nice job of offering some useful tips and some great real-world examples of strategies people are employing.   I'm posting it here because I know that many of us are challenged by the notion of conflict--that we may avoid it at all costs or shut down when faced with it. But conflict can be managed, and as anyone who's ever held a leadership position knows, ultimately it must be met head on. We'll see if this piece doesn't give you some ideas for handling it better in your own world.   Be sure to check out some of the comments, as well--they're often the best part!   [Townhalls: 7 Tips for Handling Conflict]
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