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Is Feminism dead?

The short answer is, “no,”—but this blog is. 

I’ve recently embarked upon my next chapter, working directly with sexual assault programs in the state of Pennsylvania. Sadly, my blog can’t come with me. Even though I’ll miss the regular opportunity to share my thoughts on current happenings and events with a national audience, it’s not a bad thing. 

I once heard Jessica Valenti discuss her decision to leave Feministing. From her perspective, Feministing was only doing so well because it was accomplishing its purpose. It brought the voices and perspectives of young feminists into the blogosphere. She believed that for the purpose to flourish there had to be room for new, younger, and more diverse leadership. 

So let’s get back to the purpose of this blog. From the start, the goal was to explore ways that feminism informs, impacts, and shapes the movement to end sexual violence. Though broad, it allowed the leeway to explore so many different topics. Discussion about the intersections of oppression, current events, and feminist organizational theory inspired me. 

It always amuses me when someone asks a question like, “Is feminism dead?” There was and is so much to talk about. Recall that I rely on bell hooks’ definition of feminism to guide my feminist thought. Feminism is the lens through which I came to see and understand oppression and its social impacts. 

The reality is that entire organizations and movements use this same lens to focus in on many different social issues. My own organization is officially guided by feminist principles, right along with a mission statement and strategic plans. Deeply rooted in the guiding feminist philosophy is the idea that we still have a long way to go, and that even small changes made day by day get us closer to the vision of a just and equitable future.

Since starting the Feminism from Grassroots to Full Bloom blog for the NSVRC 3 years ago, we’ve explored quite a lot. The ongoing commitment by so many in the movement to end sexual violence to thoughtful reflection and moving social inequality from the margins to the center of our work assures me that feminism is not dead. 

Perhaps it is fitting that I declare this blog dead at the intersection of winter and spring. Leaves on the trees that have served their purpose and run their course have withered and fallen away. It makes room for new, blossoming, inspiring change. It’s a time of new life, rebirth, and resurrection. I’m off to my next feminist adventure, and fully confident that the absence of this blog only makes room for the next, great, awe-inspiring feminist conversations. 

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