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by Taylor Teichman, NSVRC Online Resource Specialist

Before you go any further take a deep breath, light a yummy-smelling candle, sip a warm beverage, or just simply sit or stand still for a moment…

by Karla Vierthaler, MPA, Advocacy and Resources Director for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center

I’ve been working as an advocate to end sexual violence for 20 years. That is really irrelevant, because if you’ve done this work for even a year (paid, unpaid, professionally or not), you’ve done it for 50. It stays with you and becomes part of you.

By Fiona Burke, Communications Intern for NSVRC

College is a great time to get involved in social movements; you’re surrounded by passionate young people and have access to lots of free campus resources. It’s particularly important for college students to become active in the fight against sexual violence since campus assault is such a widespread problem. 

By Fiona Burke, Communications Intern for NSVRC 

There are lots of different ways to spread awareness about sexual violence prevention this April. Whether you already work for an organization that participates in Sexual Assault Awareness Month or you’re an individual looking for ways to engage your community, these seven simple ideas can help spread awareness and promote healing for survivors. 

Awareness Table

By Fiona Burke, Communications Intern for NSVRC 

If you’re not usually the person at the forefront of community movements or events, the idea of being in a leadership position can be daunting. But planning a captivating Sexual Assault Awareness Month in your community calls for engaging volunteers in the planning process — and for someone to lead them. 

By Fiona Burke, Communications Intern for NSVRC with contributions from Susan Sullivan, Prevention Campaign Specialist for NSVRC
  Planning a community event with a small budget can be a challenge, but limited resources don’t have to be an obstacle to participating in Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A small budget just calls for getting crafty and creative!   This list of suggestions and resources offers ways around spending large quantities of money on basic event-planning necessities.

Get your gears turning for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2018 with this list of rock star SAAM events from across the country (and one even outside of it!). We checked in with event coordinators to learn about their planning process asked them their advice for first-time SAAM event planners.

Check out the events below, then go forth and plan your own captivating campaign!

Christiana at The Women's Center, Inc. in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.


The recovery from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria is far from over. Even today, there is still devastation in many areas, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.