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Today's guest  post is written by Michael Crawford, fellow blogger and Communications Assistant with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

Leaves and temperatures are down, candy prices are up: it must be time to trick or treat!

As a parent, there are lots of things to worry about: tripping hazards, getting caught in the rain or (please, heavens, no) candy getting stuck in hair. But there’s one “trick” that probably won’t rear its head: the bogeyman.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Build Peace conference held at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  I was curious about one of the items on the agenda – Ignite Talks.  They were described as 5

This blog is a guest post by Casey Keene, Director of Capacity Building and Education, at the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.  

The SAAM blog is back from a short hiatus! Although we’ve been busy behind the scenes, and I look forward to sharing more updates about plans for SAAM in the future.

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{This post originally appeared on Forensic Healthcare Online, which I also authored, and was reprinted with my permission. See the original post.}


Cooler weather seems to finally be here, somewhat anyway.  The month of October means a lot of things to various different people.  Beyond the pumpkin spiced lattes, football teams wearing pink (trust me, those are highly important too) October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This year, NSVRC celebrated its 15th anniversary.  I often wonder what the staff back in 2000 envisioned as they looked to the future of the organization.  I came on board in 2005, when the shift to primary prevention of sexual violence was a “new” thing, and I spent much of my first few months