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I have to say that the library community seems to get a few things right in terms of creating a place and a space that’s accessible and inviting to everyone. Yes, I am biased, but I believe it’s true; libraries do a wonderful job at celebrating all people.

June 15 is the heart of the year. It’s half-way through the calendar year, at the very mid-point of the month.

Many of you have likely seen this headline in the news today: College Rape Prevention Proves a Rare Success.  The New York Times article features a Canadian research study about a risk reduction and self-defense program implemented at three Canadian college campuses. The study found that the program lowered participants’ risk of being sexually assaulted.   

For part 2 of our discussion of program expansion we wanted to focus on a more general program expansion worksheet that organizes basic information about your program and how it relates to the capacity of the larger parent organization.