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Last week I had the incredible opportunity to join over one thousand advocates and activists at this year’s National Sexual Assault Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Last week, I was fortunate to join over 1,000 people at the National Sexual Assault Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  What a treat to be surrounded by so many amazing and talented people who are passionate about ending sexual violence!

Thank you to our guest contributor for this post. Eric Stiles identifies as a survivor of child sexual abuse, a master of humor, and so much more. 

When I entered the first grade, I remember the first day back to school so vividly. I knew that I was going to be there a whole day. I was growing up so I rode the bus for the first time. And I was on the bus with my two older brothers. I knew all this, but, as a child, I still did not know what to expect. I was just a small, kind of round kid headed for a big change. 

Tracy Cox, Communications Director
National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)


ENOLA, Pa. – The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) will present Eileen Recktenwald with the fifth annual Gail Burns-Smith Award, during Thursday morning’s session at National Sexual Assault Conference in Pittsburgh from Aug. 20-22.

Last week I promised a surprise blog that would introduce Professional Books, Inc., as well as highlight some of the materials that will be available to look at in the Wellness Room during

Final planning and preparations for #NSAC2014 (less than a week away!) are in full-swing, but I’m here to talk about another exciting opportunity taking place this August.

In the years that I have worked for the NSVRC and PCAR, I’ve always been on the outskirts of what is the National Sexual Assault Conference.

So many people that I know and love know and love comics! That’s why I’m not surprised that an engaging group of geeks are pushing the famed Comi-Con organizers to adopt stronger anti-harassment policies. As the creators of an enlightening video describe,