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Dear Santa,

I’ve decided to write out my very own grown up Christmas list, focusing on the things that I believe will help to end gender violence.

Safe, affordable housing for every person

An end to racist aggressions, big and small

Some of my most favorite holiday memories involve sharing meals with my loved ones. I love everything about it—smelling good things, tasting favorite family recipes, bright holiday decorations, and so much joyful laughter (sprinkled with realistic, nagging, teasing sibling exchanges).

It’s been a banner week for anti-street harassment work!   And I, for one, am very excited. 

It’s been quiet here at the SAAM blog, but that’s telling of how busy our team has been, behind the scenes, working on Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2014. Speaking of 2014, can you believe we are on the doorstep of a new year?

I’ve recently had the terrifying experience of gift shopping for a few little feminists in my life. Of course, I went into it with a plan. I was going to get fun but educational toys that didn’t confine my tiny friends to traditional gender roles. Sounds simple enough, right?

Driving home yesterday to some of my favorite Christmas jams, I heard the announcement that Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95. Not surprised or sad, I thought that if anyone deserves a rest it’s probably him. Truly, his work and commitment to ending racial oppression in South Africa seems like a beacon of hope for how broken societies can heal.