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NSVRC Blogs by Jennifer Grove

This blog post was originally published on the American Evaluation Association’s tip-a-day blog on January 16, 2016.  It is being republished here with permission.

Reblogged from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

{This post originally appeared on the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault website, and was written by David Lee.  It is reprinted with permission.  See the original post.)

Today's guest  post is written by Michael Crawford, fellow blogger and Communications Assistant with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

Leaves and temperatures are down, candy prices are up: it must be time to trick or treat!

As a parent, there are lots of things to worry about: tripping hazards, getting caught in the rain or (please, heavens, no) candy getting stuck in hair. But there’s one “trick” that probably won’t rear its head: the bogeyman.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Build Peace conference held at MIT in Cambridge, MA.  I was curious about one of the items on the agenda – Ignite Talks.  They were described as 5

This year, NSVRC celebrated its 15th anniversary.  I often wonder what the staff back in 2000 envisioned as they looked to the future of the organization.  I came on board in 2005, when the shift to primary prevention of sexual violence was a “new” thing, and I spent much of my first few months

Anyone who knows me knows that I have not always been a fan of evaluation.  A few years ago, the very word would have sent me running for the door.  Why?  Because my limited experience with evaluation left a very bad taste in my mouth – it was something we HAD to do for funders, it consisted of badly worded pre and post surveys, and the data was never used…the surveys just got shoved in a filing cabinet drawer, never to be seen again.

Many of you have likely seen this headline in the news today: College Rape Prevention Proves a Rare Success.  The New York Times article features a Canadian research study about a risk reduction and self-defense program implemented at three Canadian college campuses. The study found that the program lowered participants’ risk of being sexually assaulted.   

For the past few weeks, I’ve been blogging about our Mapping Evaluation video podcast series (check out previous posts about evaluation work in Texas and New Jersey).  While we’ve been busy exploring evaluation work happening around the country, we’ve also been working with a consultant to help build our evaluation capacity here at the NSVRC (read more about those efforts in this

In case you missed it, last week I blogged about our new Mapping Evaluation video podcast series.   I am so excited about this series, because it shines a spotlight on the importance of program evaluation, and offers a glimpse of what it looks like in various locations around the nation.

Busy, busy, busy – that is how I would describe the last several weeks.  Or months.