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Aug 13, 2018
When we think about preparing our teens for college, many parents anticipate attending parent orientation day, searching for the perfect dorm decor, and purchasing textbooks. However, something that is typically left off of the “college checklist” is talking with our teens about building healthy relationships and the nuances of consent and sex. These conversations may feel overwhelming and uncomfortable, but they are critical to helping your teen have a healthy and safe college experience. Here’s why: What is “the Red Zone”? It’s no secret that sexual assault is a pervasive issue on college
Aug 02, 2018
Learn how to put research into action for a state approach to K-12 sexual violence prevention policy Join us for a live event where NSVRC staff will be talking with Beth Hamilton, Associate Director of Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence and Destie Hohman Sprague, Associate Director of Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault about how to put research into action for a state approach to K-12 sexual violence prevention policy.  There will be time for a Q&A session, and there’s no registration required! Here’s how it works: When: August 16, 2018 2:00-2:45 p.m. — ET no
Aug 02, 2018
RALIANCE will be funding innovative projects in varying amounts based upon need, up to $50,000. Intent to Submit forms (LOIs) are due August 24, 2018.    The RALIANCE Grant Program is a vehicle for direct private funding to programs that have demonstrated expertise in addressing and preventing sexual violence.   In our last three grant cycles, we’ve driven close to $2.3M to prevention programs. RALIANCE grantees are helping to change the culture in one generation through visionary projects from across our three funding categories:    Category 1: Services or
Jul 31, 2018
Through her years working as a foster mother, Carol Andersen encountered numerous women from marginalized communities. There were domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking survivors, including mothers fighting not only to get their kids back but to get their lives back as well.  “These families were really torn apart by violence,” Andersen said. “As I learned about their challenges it led me to fund solutions that could help them rebuild their lives, reconnect with their children, and kind of put their family back together.” Under the 501c3 organization called
Jul 26, 2018
Often the faces that were sworn to “protect and serve” their communities are unknown to the individuals within that community. As a result, cities and towns across the nation participate in National Night Out. The relationship between law enforcement and their communities are as diverse as the people who live there. If you know your community would not benefit from this event, feel free to click away and check out our other blogs posts and resources. National Night Out is an annual campaign that works to strengthen police and community relationships. One the first Tuesday in August (with
Jul 06, 2018
Pride Month 2018 has come and gone, but that shouldn’t mean putting your center’s engagement of LGBTQ communities on pause! LGBTQ people are here and queer all year round. Some of us are out, and proud and some of us are working on it. Some of us are asking a lot of questions about who we are, and some of us don’t yet know what questions to ask. All of us should have access to your center’s services when we need them. Also, there’s no rule that Pride-esque events have to take place in June. I’m writing from Harrisburg, PA, where our Pride Festival and accompanying events have been held
Jul 02, 2018
Guest Post by Sally J. Laskey, Evaluation Coordinator, NSVRC I had a teacher, Ms. Nichols, in elementary school that used Choose Your Own Adventure stories as a way to help students find joy, play, and develop decision-making powers while reading. We would pass a book around the class, each read a few pages, and if you were reading when you got to the end of a chapter, you got to choose how the adventure would unfold. I would wiggle in my seat as we wrote our own story together. I view program evaluation as a type of storytelling. Evaluation shares the story of where your organization has
Jul 01, 2018
Are you a graphic design student with a passion for social justice issues? The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is searching for an intern to join our team during the fall 2018 semester. As a graphic design intern, you'll be a part of the movement to end sexual violence during a critical time for the issue. You'll gain valuable insights on how a national awareness month campaign comes together, and gain practical design experience. Requirements: Have junior standing or higher Work in our Harrisburg office Have reliable transportation Possess a strong interest in social
Jun 27, 2018
Being a child or teenager in today’s society is hard. Society dictates how they should behave, what they should like, and who they should be with.  Those pressures can especially impact adolescents when they aren’t conforming or don’t want to conform to unwritten ideals about gender roles. Thankfully, there are great resources available for those working with or loving kids questioning their gender identity. The NSVRC library has some helpful titles worth checking out. On behalf of LGBTQ Pride Month, I encourage you to take a look at these fabulous books.  Jamie is Jamie: A Book about Being
Jun 19, 2018
As we are in the midst of LGBTQ Pride Month, chances are your timelines and dashboards are already filled with queer-themed films, shows, and, of course, literature. While there are some must-read classics (Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown, Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, and so on) here is a list of LGBTQ+ reads that you may be unfamiliar with but will tug on your heartstrings all the same.  Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block When the “earth shaker” hits Los Angeles, Pen’s home, family, and life are left in ruins. With only a withered copy of The Odyssey, Pen