11/16/2009 (All day) to 11/18/2009 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Ipas and UNFPA

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Ipas and UNFPA take great pleasure in inviting you to attend a series of meetings hosted at the Global Forum for Health Research annual event in Havana, Cuba 16th-19th November. The meetings will bring together key thinkers from Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of sexual violence research and will explore the extent of sexual violence in LAC and how research can be used to strengthen health services and reduce violence.
Workshop attendance is free. Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending these workshops’.
More details online at:; and or visit:

05/13/2009 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
United Kingdom Association of Forensic Nurses

This is the UK’s first Custody Nurse and Sexual assault nurses conference and we are proud to be hosting it in Liverpool (City of Culture 2008), and one of the most recent areas to have set up custody nursing with Merseyside Police.
We feel this is one of the first opportunities in the United Kingdom for nurses, FME’s, doctors, police officers/ SOITs, SOLO’s prison nurses, to come together to share information, develop knowledge in the field of forensic care and during the conference, take advantage of unique networking opportunities.
The line up of speakers are experts in their fields and specialists in the field of custody and forensic practice.

07/06/2009 (All day) to 07/09/2009 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) is pleased to invite you to its first conference, SVRI Forum 2009: Coordinated evidence-based responses to end sexual violence, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 6 - 9 July 2009.

The conference is aimed at promoting research on sexual violence, highlighting innovation and encouraging sharing and networking in the area of sexual violence.

This global event will bring together over 200 participants working on sexual violence as researchers, gender activists, funders, policy makers, service providers, survivors and others.

The conference is being organised by the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI). The SVRI is a global initiative that promotes and disseminates policy relevant, action-orientated research to reduce and respond to sexual violence through: identifying gaps; building capacity; supporting research; raising awareness; and building partnerships. We are building an experienced and committed network of researchers, policy makers, activists and donors to ensure that the many aspects of sexual violence are addressed from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives.

Funding Resources
For information on possible funding resources for attendance at international meetings such as the SVRI Forum 2009 visit

Translation Services
For all the sessions taking place in the main plenary venue,
a translation service will be available.
Translations will be from English into French and Spanish

02/27/2009 (All day) to 02/28/2009 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
Glendon Association

From Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author of The Mindful Brain

“Voice Therapy offers a powerful mode of transformation that can free us from the prisons of the past. It provides us with a banquet of insights into the nature of our inner lives and emotional relationships. Bravo!”

Voice Therapy is a cognitive/affective/behavioral approach that quickly taps into core negative beliefs that drive maladaptive behavior. It is highly effective for the treatment of trauma, addiction, depression, and relationship issues. This method combines insight with affect in a way that profoundly shifts client’s point of view toward self and others, to a more compassionate and realistic perspective.

The training is facilitated by Lisa Firestone, PhD and Joyce Catlett, MA. of the Glendon Association. Voice Therapy provides opportunity to deepen your clinical skills; it includes video tape demonstration and valuable opportunity for case consultation.

Approved for 12 CE units for MFT’s, Psychologists, LCSW’s through R. Cassidy Seminars.

(open to students and interns and group rates available)

08/27/2008 (All day) to 08/30/2008 (All day)
Cape Town

Preliminary Conference-Program
Baltieri Danilo Antonio, Guerra de Andrade Arthur ? University of São Paulo, Brazil ? Drug Problems Among Adolescent Sexual Offenders – Implications for the Management
Bergh Lorinda ? Department of Correctional Services, South Africa ? Development and Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Incarcerated Rapists in an South African Context and Understanding the Difference between Western and African Cosmologies Regarding World of Life Views on Sexuality and Rape
Blake Emily ? University of Kent, UK ? The implicit theories of rape prone men
Boer Douglas ? University of Waikato, New Zealand ? Gangsterism and Sexual Violence and Assessment of Risk and Manageability for Individuals with Developmental, Intellectual, or Learning Limitations who Offend
Cameron Edwin ? Court of Appeal Judge, South Africa ? Managing Sexual Offending in the Context of High Levels of HIV/AIDS Virus
Dosio Dario ? Department of Justice, Soweto, South Africa ? Sexual offender therapy in African Countries and the impact on Sentencing
Eher Reinhard ? Federal Documentation Centre for Sexual Offenders, Austria ? Implementing a National Sexual Offender Rehabilitation Program for Incarcerated Sexual Offenders
Fedoroff Paul ? Royal Ottawa Health Centre, Integrated Forensic Program, Canada ? The long and winding road: how the concept of lovemaps has changed
Gannon Theresa, Cortoni Franca, Beech Anthony & Becket Richard ? University of Kent, UK, University of Montreal, Canada, University of Birmingham, UK, Oxford Forensic Psychology and Research Service, UK ? Symposium on Women Sexual Offenders
Gölge Belma, Yüksel Sahika, Yavuz Fatih ? Istanbul University ? An Evaluation of Rape from Offenders’ Point of View
Hoffmann Klaus ? Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherpapy Unit Reichenau, Germany ? Malignant Narcissism and Sadism – Boundaries of Forensic Psychotherapy
Kingston Drew A., Fedoroff Paul, Marshall William L. & Firestone Philipp ? Pornography’s influence on sexual offending: Important moderating factors ? School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, Canada, Royal Ottawa Health Centre, Integrated Forensic Program, Canada, Rockwood Psychological Services, Kingston, Canada
Kreston Susan, ? University of Blomfontein, South Africa ? Rehabilitation and Treatment of Young Sexual Offenders
Labuschagne Gerard ? South African Police Service ? Towards an understanding of muti-murders: Human Body Parts for Traditional Medicine
Lamott Franziska & Mörtl Kathrin ? University of Ulm, Germany ? Group-therapy with Sexual Offenders. A Qualitative Analysis of Videotaped Sessions
Lippi Jose Raimundo ? Centro Interdisciplinar de Orientação Psicopedagógica (Ciope) ? Childhood Sexual Offences: Neurobiological and Clinical consequences
Marshall Liam ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? Sexual Addiction in Incarcerated Sexual Offenders: Prevalence, Correlates & Issues
Marshall William ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? Reducing Risk for Reoffending by Sexual Offender Therapy
McAlinden Anne-Marie ? Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom ? The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Systems
Miner Michael ? University of Minnesota, USA ? Substance Abuse and Sexual Violence
Mostert Jeromy ? Department of Correctional Services, South Africa ? Cultural Issues and Myths amongst Juvenile Offenders
Mvandaba, Veliswa ? Development and Care, South Africa ? Difficulties and Differences when Treating Adults who Rape as Opposed to Pedophiles
O’Brien Matt D., Marshall William, Marshall Liam, Serran Geris A. ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? The treatment of “categorical denial” in sexual offenders and The benefits of an “open” or “rolling” approach to running sexual offender treatment programs
Pfaefflin Friedemann ? University of Ulm, Germany ?The Benefits of Sexual Offender Therapy
Ross Thomas ? University of Ulm, Germany ? Research in Sexual Offender Treatment: A general Framework for Behavioural Assessment and Evaluation.
Shen Sheng-Ang, Ding Keng-Yuan, Wu Meng-Fang ? Dept. of Criminology, National Central Police University, Taiwan ? The Comparisons among Treated, Non-Treated Sexual Offenders, and General Population in Taiwanese Samples: What they have learned from therapy?
Studer Lea H. & Aylwin A. Scott ? Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Canada ? There are no Secrets in Long Term Treatment Efficacy: A Western Canadian Experience
Swinburne Romine Rebecca E, Dwyer Margretta, Finstad Deborah ? University of Minnesota, USA ? A thirty year follow up of recidivism in sexual offenders
Thandekile Magojo Sylvia? University of Natal, Durban, South Africa ? Rehabilitation and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders
Van Niekerk Joan ? Childline, South Africa ? Diversion: Bringing Children who Commit Sexual Offences into a Circle of Treatment and Care
Ware Jayson ?NSW Department of Corrective Services, Australia ? Treating sexual offenders within Multiple Prison & Community Sites: Putting theory into practice
Wood Jane L. & Barnett Georgia D. ? Department of Psychology, University of Kent, UK ? Agency, relatedness, inner peace and problem-solving in sexual offending: How sexual offenders prioritise and operationalise their Good Lives conceptions

09/29/2008 (All day) to 10/01/2008 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency:


Theme: Taking the Lead: Challenges and Emerging Opportunities in Responding to Sexual Violence in East, Central and Southern Africa:'

Venue - Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya Dates: 29th September to 1st October 2008

Sexual violence is a primary public health concern and has implications for reproductive health and HIV/AIDS in Africa. WHO (2002) has recognised the need for evidence based programming as an essential function for responding to sexual violence. Increasingly African countries are responding by implementing initiatives, policies and programmes to address sexual violence as an important factor in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Despite the growth in responses, there is insufficient information exchange, learning lessons and interactions between countries. HIV/AIDS interventions have provided a platform for engagement with sexual violence as a public health concern. However, there are limited linkages between HIV/AIDS interventions and Reproductive Health Programmes that form the basis for comprehensive care following sexual violence. Liverpool VCT, Care & Treatment ( ) is concerned with strengthening the continuum for HIV prevention, care and treatment. Strengthening linkages to reproductive health services is fundamental to improved quality of life.

This conference aims to utilize Sexual Violence as a nexus for interrogating and strengthening existing response and the inter-linkages between HIV/AIDS and reproductive Health. It aims to facilitate the development of synergistic relationships between policy makers, researchers, activists and practitioners from Government, academia and civil society in the East, Central and Southern African region through facilitating information exchange, sharing experiences and innovative approaches, developing consensus on current gaps and research needs while strengthening practice/service delivery strategies. As reflected in the conference theme, we aim to facilitate participants in taking leadership in identifying challenges and utilizing emerging opportunities for strengthening responses to sexual violence in Africa.


11/10/2008 (All day) to 11/11/2008 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
Youth Incentives - International Programme on Sexuality

RIGHTS AND REALITIES in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights

A two-day international conference organised by Youth Incentives and World Population Foundation.

How do you implement a Rights Based Approach in the reality you are working in?
This is the central question that World Population Foundation and Youth Incentives put forward at a two-day International Conference “Rights and Realities in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights”.

At this conference challenges related to the implementation of a RBA in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights will be further explored and discussed. On the basis of best practices, strategies will be identified how to overcome these challenges.

The two day conference is aiming to:
• Provide an inventory and analysis on the challenges in implementation of a Rights Based Approach in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
• Identify strategies and tools to overcome challenges in a Rights Based Approach
• Provide a platform for networking and exchange

Programme and registration
In the first week of September, the programme details will be issued on this website and registration will open. To receive the formal invitation with the programme details and a registration form by email, please send your contact details to:  

Please note that no sponsorship funding is available from the organizers.


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